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ADRA Inc. Member Company representatives have between them a total of more than 45 years experience in ceiling dust removal and more than 55 years in installation of safe insulation products.

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Improve the health of your family and the environment in one pollution reducing stroke:

Contract an ADRA Inc.
member to:

Ö     remove ceiling dust and 

Ö   install insulation ie
Ö     detox your roof space and 

Ö   then start saving on your energy bills while 

Ö     cutting greenhouse gas emissions

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 Australian Dust Removalists Association (A.D.R.A) Incorporated.

Dust Removal


In most older houses ceiling cavities contain high levels of lead mixed in with a build-up of dust. This dust also contains other harmful contaminants.

Lead is dangerous. It can impair brain function in children affecting learning and memory and is also toxic for adults.

This contaminated dust should be removed from the home preferably by trained professionals and particularly before any building or insulation work is attempted.

The service of ADRA Inc. members includes:-

  • Approved HEPA Filter removal by trailer mounted vacuums
  • Entry & exit through roof leaving the house uncontaminated
  • Removal of old insulation & other debris if required
  • Supply &/or installation of quality new insulation.

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Email the Association
Phone ADRA Inc.via The LEAD Group (02) 9716 0132
OR Contact Global Lead Advice & Support Service
Freecall 1800 626 086 Email

ADRA Inc. advises that given today’s current fuel prices and where there is relatively easy access to the job the average cost to vacuum a dust-only ceiling space is approximately $10 per m2 using WORKCOVER specified HEPA filtered equipment by trained staff. The $10 per m2 is for a building of approximately 100m2 and smaller might have a larger charge whereas larger would be less per m2.

Difficult entry and trussed low pitched roofs, removal of rubble and removal of old insulation, both batts and loose fill would involve extra cost. In cases of small areas, expect there to be a minimum job price.

In response to a letter from The LEAD Group Kevin Keefe, Home Energy Branch, federal Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA), stated in August 2009:

"The [Energy Efficient Homes - insulation rebate] Package does not exclude the simple vacuuming up of residual debris, such as dust and leaf litter in the ceiling space. However the maximum assistance under the package is $1,600* for homeowners and $1,000 for landlords/renters..."

[The rebate was reduced to $1,200 on 1st November 2009 and suspended on 19th February 2010, with a replacement program to be brought in by 1st June 2010 announced by the then minister in charge, Peter Garrett. Greg Combet, the minister in charge of cleaning up the scheme, confirmed on 22nd April 2010 that the rebate scheme that was due to resume on June 1 would now not proceed because of safety concerns.]

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Last Updated 6 February 2018